London insurance companies refuse to cover luxury Range Rovers

Range Rover

If you live in London and are fortunate enough to be able to afford a new Range Rover you may find it difficult to find an insurance company prepared to offer you insurance cover unless you have secure parking and a category 5 tracker installed, some insurers are even insisting upon secure underground parking. It […]

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Crash for cash cases soar

Crash For Cash

Insurance companies are urging authorities to get tough on fraudsters as cases of “crash for cash” soared by 51 per cent in 2013. Insurance giant Aviva claim that half of the false motor vehicle injury claims that it has uncovered were arranged by organised criminal gangs. Aviva feels that the growing numbers of crash for […]

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Insurance companies have a ‘CUE’

car scrape

You may not be aware of it but when you contact your car insurance provider to ask about making a claim, you may find that the information is recorded on a database and could be used against you when you renew your insurance cover, even if you don’t decide to actually make that claim. The […]

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Flash 4 Cash

Car Flash

Motorists are being warned about the latest insurance scam in which criminals flash their lights to let unsuspecting drivers pull out of junctions and then deliberately drive into them. This latest tactic has been labelled “flash for cash” and it can net criminal gangs tens of thousands of pounds in fake injury, fake loss of […]

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What’s Your Renewal?

Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance is still dropping with average quotes for annual comprehensive policies down to just under £595 – a whopping 9.8% fall from this time last year! Prices for third party, fire and theft and third party have also dropped and the reductions apply across all age groups, although these percentage rates […]

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Save Some Coins – Insurance reduced 4.1%


At last we are beginning to see a reduction in the cost of our car insurance premiums, a very small reduction it has to be said, but any drop is a very welcome drop indeed. The average cost of car insurance for the British motorist has actually doubled since 2008 so the latest report from […]

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Women insurance prices could rise by 25%


The price of car insurance for young women will rise today, thanks to a ruling by the European Court of Justice. Following a legal challenge by Belgian consumer group Test-Achats, the court ruled that it was illegal to charge different premiums based on gender, the European Court of Justice said “taking the gender of the […]

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