Audi and LG team up to make an amazing watch

Audi LG Watch

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or CES 2015 as it is more widely known, was the venue chosen for the introduction of the Audi LG smartwatch and it appears to have caused quite a buzz! There have been many rumours around about the possibility of the release of a new LG smartwatch […]

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Driverless cars to be allowed on UK roads

MIRA Network Assisted Vehicle

The government announced yesterday that January 2015 will see the arrival of driverless cars on public roads of the UK. Driverless cars have been in use in the UK for some time now, in experimental form by various groups of engineers and researchers but they have only been allowed on private roads so far. The […]

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Driving Licence Records Accessible Online

drivers licence

The UK Government has announced that all driving licence records will accessible online from 2015. Francis Maude, the minister for the Cabinet Office said that insurance premiums would come down in price as insurance companies would be able to access accurate driver history information instead of relying on the motorist “This will enable insurers, for […]

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VW developing 10 speed DSG gearbox

10 speed DSG

Many people consider seven gears to be too many, so what about 10 gears?! Professor Dr Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, announced at the 34th International Vienna Motor Symposium that his company is in the process of developing a super efficient 10 speed DSG dual clutch gearbox, along with […]

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