The Vgate SuperScan VS450 Scantool is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level diagnostic tool for the majority of post 1990 Volkswagen/Audi models, it replaces the obsolete VAG405 which is no longer produced. The EOBD function means the VS450 will also operate on non Volkswagen/Audi vehicles, although not to the same extent. USER FRIENDLY Easy to […]

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The Draper Expert 43913 EOBD2 is designed to read and diagnose engine codes and switch off engine warning lights using the vehicle on board diagnostic port. USER FRIENDLY Simple and easy to use with EOBD-compliant engines in post 2001 and post 2004 diesel vehicles, this hand held, light weight fault-code reader supports J1850 VPW, J1850 […]

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The Sealey VS862 VAG code reader, diagnostic tool is a hand held, stand alone unit, designed to work with Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda vehicles equipped with Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol.. USER FRIENDLY Very simple to use with a large, easy to read LCD display screen and intuitive controls. The menu driven software communicates […]

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Hand held, light weight, stand alone device designed for use with VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles, this self contained unit reads and resets fault codes and warning lights. Ease of Use Easy to use, supplied with full user instructions, no batteries required, completely self contained, stand alone unit that plugs straight into the vehicle […]

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Autel MS509


The MS509 car fault code reader allows easy access to a vehicle computer via its diagnostic port. CAN enabled, it is designed for use on all 1996 and later European, Asian and US vehicles with OBD2 compliance. USER FRIENDLY This sophisticated but simple to use, hand held tool displays DTC definitions on a large, backlit […]

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Automotive Diagnostic Systems VAGCOM

Automotive Diagnostic Systems: Understanding Obd I & Obd II

Automotive Diagnostic Systems: Understanding Obd I & Obd II by Keith McCord is a book designed for anyone who wants to work on the motor car of today, from the professional motor mechanic to the DIY enthusiast, this book will guide you through the complexities of using a diagnostic scanner via the vehicle on board […]

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VAGCOM Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

The car mechanic or DIY enthusiast of today requires diagnostic equipment to effectively work on modern cars. There are so many different types of diagnostic scanners on the market these days; from lightweight, hand held, dedicated units to software operated through your laptop or PC via the vehicle on board diagnostic port, this book is […]

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If you are struggling to get the hang of your diagnostic equipment a Haynes manual is always a good place to start. This manual takes the mystery out of On-Board Diagnostic Systems, so you know what to do when you see the “Check Engine” light. This manual also includes generic codes for many modern vehicles […]

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Perfect VAGCOM Computer Package

The Asus Eee is the ideal netbook/laptop for the VAGCOM system, it is small, lightweight and most importantly, it uses Windows for its operating system. As the Asus Eee is so slim and lightweight (under 1 inch thick) you can easily carry it within the car to diagnose those intermittent faults. […]

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