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When it comes to diagnosing problems on modern vehicles the weapon of choice is an OBD scanner. Avoid paying 100′s to main dealers for diagnostics when you can do it yourself. The VAGCOM system not only shows fault codes but also monitors operating parameters and allows you to make adjustments.


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The VAGCOM-OBD philosophy is to provide the latest on-board diagnostic products at competitive prices whilst providing resources and specifications.

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Stay up to date with all the latest industry news, techniques and hacks, ensuring you make an informed decision about which OBD scanner is for you.


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Volkswagen Racist Advert

Volkswagen ‘horrified’ by own Golf car ad which appears to show racist white power gesture Volkswagen apologises and says it is “horrified” as it withdraws an advert for a new Golf model. The ad, which shows a giant pair of white hands moving a black man away from a new VW Golf and flicking him […]

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Range Rover Rips The Roof Off

Land Rover has confirmed that it will be presenting the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible to the world in 2016; the new luxury cabriolet was announced in a rather unusual way – by the release of a short film showing the prototype being put through its paces, forty metres below the streets of London! An […]

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VW Crisis Deepens

The problems faced by German car maker Volkswagen seem to be never ending with fresh revelations emerging on an almost daily basis. The latest chapter of the sorry tale involves the fuel efficiency and levels of CO2 in at least 800,000 vehicles, with analysts warning that the implications of fixing fuel consumption tests could be […]

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