Flash 4 Cash

Image: Car Flash

Motorists are being warned about the latest insurance scam in which criminals flash their lights to let unsuspecting drivers pull out of junctions and then deliberately drive into them.

This latest tactic has been labelled “flash for cash” and it can net criminal gangs tens of thousands of pounds in fake injury, fake loss of earnings, etc, etc, etc. It is already costing the insurance industry a fortune and, as always, it is the honest and fully insured motorist who will end up paying for it when their insurance premiums increase.

Similar to the existing “crash for cash” scam, this new version is particularly nasty as the criminals seem to be targeting vulnerable motorists such as women with children in the car and older people, these are drivers who are less likely to make a fuss at the scene. It is down to the innocent victim’s word against the criminal’s, very difficult to prove in court.

We have no doubt that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or even killed by these nasty criminal gangs so watch out if you are invited to pull out of a junction by someone flashing their headlights at you, they may not be as generous as you think and you may end up with a damaged vehicle and expensive insurance claim – or worse!

Special Thanks to IMotorTrade and Benson Kua for providing the image.