Top Towing Tips


The end of term time for schools is almost with us and the Great British summer getaway will soon begin, caravans and camping trailers will be cleaned, aired and off to the seaside. A recent study has shown that one in five people plan to take a camping or caravan holiday this year, love them […]

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Are you about to sell your car?

car for sale

Are you about to sell your car? Here are some top tips to help you achieve the best selling price If your car is in a sorry state you are not going to get the best possible price for it, muddy bodywork, filthy interior and cracked light lenses are red flags to a potential buyer […]

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Yet another General Motors recall


General Motors has announced four more recalls, meaning the total number of recalls now stands at 34 – so far this year! The latest recalls from the troubled automaker involve 105,688 cars and trucks worldwide, with nearly 90,000 of those vehicles being sold in the United States.  The 34 total recalls this year involves around […]

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It Seems You Can’t Trust Audi

Audi R8

A recent BBC Watchdog investigation has uncovered widespread lying by Audi regarding the safety testing of their cars. The BBC was initially contacted by the owner of a prestige car hire business, Mr Daniel Jenkins, who had purchased an Audi R8 in December 2012 from his local Audi dealership after being told the vehicle had scored […]

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UK fuel prices look set to rise due to the crisis in the Ukraine

Ukraine Fuel

The threat of conflict in the Ukraine has caused fuel traders to start the bulk buying of fuel; this means that supplies are being squeezed so prices are increasing. The RAC said recently that oil prices are “almost certain” to rise as a consequence and the result is bound to be higher UK forecourt prices, […]

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Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft has exceeded the expectations

vw wrap

The largest car maker in Europe, Volkswagen Group, has exceeded the expectations of many analysts and reported a rise in net profits of 18%. Volkswagen Group has now edged out General Motors to take over the slot of second largest car maker in the world and they are focussing their efforts on toppling Toyota, currently […]

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Ford F-150 Game Changer


The Ford F-150 pickup is the most popular vehicle in the US; it is also Ford’s most profitable vehicle. The new model of the F-150, referred to as the 2015 F-150 although it will actually be released in the latter part of 2014, might just be a game changer as far as rugged US pickup […]

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Happy Birthday to the Volkswagen Golf!

vw golf mk1

The VW Golf is 40 years old and still as popular as ever, Volkswagen certainly have something to celebrate, after all this iconic little car is the most successful European car of all time. A true pioneer from the Mk I to the Mk VII, the VW Golf has always been at the cutting edge […]

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Petrol better than diesel after all?

Diesel Smoke

Diesel vehicle owners are finding that their particulate filters are clogging much faster than expected and it’s not cheap to have this part replaced! Another batch of European rules came into force five years ago meaning that diesel cars had to be fitted with a particulate filter, these filters trap harmful particulates and soot in […]

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Renting your car to a complete stranger?

Car Hire

How would you feel about renting your personally owned vehicle out to a complete stranger? Happy to do it, uneasy about it or no way, absolutely not!? It seems that lots of us are indeed prepared to take the risk and are making money by renting their vehicle when it’s not being used, it’s an […]

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