Updating the Vgate VS450

Every month we get several emails asking how to update the Vgate VS450 it is this kind of problem why we setup Vagcom-obd, in an attempt to help other people trying to diagnose and fix problems with their vehicles. Unfortunately every response has to be the same, we explain how updating the VS450 is a notorious issue, as there are no update files, update software or links to an update website included with any of the documentation that is provided with the Vgate Scan VS450. Connecting to a computer using the USB cable provided does install, however provides no form of software or updating method, using the update option on the VS450 device also doesn’t provide any method of updating. Various forums are also full of queries on how to update the VS450 but no one seems to have any luck with the update process. One of the reasons most often given for negative reviews on Amazon is due to the lack of updating

“Not very good even with firmware 2.7 can’t find any update on the www, does not work with modern cars could not reset 2009 Skoda Octavia 1.6tdi service light waste of money” (Mark, Aug 2013)

“The instructions on how to update the software weren’t included in the purchase.” (Sholdon, Jan 2014)

“Sadly there is no way to contact the manufacturer for a software update, as it’s not given on the product or listed in the booklet.” (K. Hopkins, Dec 2013)

“My only issue is trying to update online, i connected the tool to my laptop and the device driver loaded no problem, however i still have no icon on my laptop or listed programme where I can access the tool or manufacturers website.”(John, May 2012)

“Unable to update software on the internet but overall quite a good tool” (Dave, Sep 2010)

We have attempted to contact www.vgate.com.cn several times, however we have never received a response. We have also made attempts in the past to update the product using software provided by Autel and Sealey, however, although their software recognised the Vgate VS450, applying an update was unsuccessful. Systems such as UpdateStar also failed in our testing and appear to be almost useless, based on the customer rating of 1 out of 5 stars.

It does seem to be luck of the draw concerning which firmware version of the Vgate VS450 you will receive from suppliers. The most common version of firmware – and the one we use on a regular basis is 2.7 – however you may be lucky and receive version 3.8, although none of the VS450’s we have access to have version 3.8. Firmware version 2.7 appears to work reliably on VAG cars up to around 2008, depending on the model. You may have a different experience as we have heard the VS450 works perfectly on the 2013 VW Move Up and even the 2011 Peugeot 308. If you want to be 100% sure that the diagnostic equipment you purchase will be compatible with the latest vehicles and will continue to receive updates in order to be compatible with future vehicles we recommend http://www.ross-tech.com/

If you have had any luck with the VGate Scan VS450 update process or have managed to get further than we have, either successfully updating or not, please get in touch.

If you have an older vehicle or want to take the risk with a Vgate VS450, they provide excellent value for money and are a perfect addition to the DIY mechanics tool box.

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