Which were the safest cars for 2014?

The independent Euro NCAP crash test data for 2014 has revealed the safest cars you can buy. A variety of vehicle categories are scrutinised by the Euro NCAP safety tests, these categories include large family cars, super mini cars, small family cars, small MPV’s, large MPV’s, SUV’s, etc. Star ratings are awarded according to how well each vehicle scores in a range of safety tests, with a five star score being the highest ranking. Car safety has improved enormously over the last couple of decades, the advances in technology and stricter regulations means that the cars of today are significantly safer than those now considered as vintage or classic cars. Euro NCAP safety tests are based upon four categories, pedestrian safety, child occupant protection, adult occupant protection and safety assist systems. Crash test dummies are used in the tests to determine how pedestrians, children and adults would be affected in a variety of collisions at different speeds and safety assist systems are tested for how well they work and how effective they are. Enhancements and improvements are made to the Euro NCAP safety tests all the time.

So which cars were the best in the Euro NCAP safety tests during 2014? Here are the best performing five star rated cars for their size category:

Mercedes-Benz C Class Large Family Car
Nissan Qashqai Small Family Car
VW Golf Sportsvan Small MPV
Land Rover Discovery Sport Small Off-Road 4×4
Skoda Fabia Supermini
Lexus NX Alternatively fuelled vehicle

The Secretary General of Euro NCAP, Michiel van Ratingen, said “We congratulate those manufacturers whose cars are in our Best in Class list for last year. It shows a commitment to offer the highest levels of safety which, nowadays, means active accident prevention as well as top-rate crash protection. As these technologies become more widespread and costs fall, we will see more manufacturers follow the example of the class leaders and offer the best all-round safety to all consumers.”

Although very encouraging these results have revealed that a rather worrying trend appears to be emerging, every one of the cars tested by Euro NCAP in 2014 for the large family car category achieved a five star rating, whereas those in the smaller car categories struggled. The Skoda Fabia was the only car to achieve a five star rating in the supermini category, even though there were 14 supermini models tested in 2014. This is probably due to the cost of safety technology such as driver assist, an expensive option not often available in the smaller, competitively priced cars.

Special Thank Werner Bayer For Providing The Image