Police Power

Image of two police

Middle lane hogging, tailgating and using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving are the top three pet hates of law abiding motorists in the UK but now these anti-social drivers are facing a crack down Police have been granted new powers that are intended to cut through bureaucracy, until now the only way to deal with anti-social behaviour on our roads has been through expensive and time consuming court procedures, now driving in an anti-social way can prove very expensive with the introduction of new legislation that will enable police to issue on the spot fixed penalty notices Anti-social drivers will now face fines of £100 and a three point penalty on their licence, offences are to include hogging the middle lane, driving whilst using a hand held mobile phone, tailgating, cutting up other motorists, failing to give way at a junction and using the wrong lane on a roundabout.

Although some of the changes may be considered controversial, such as middle lane cruising and incorrect use of roundabouts, they have been broadly welcomed by motoring organisations, who say that this kind of anti-social behaviour is costing lives and the new powers will free up valuable resources and make our roads safer