Volkswagen XL1

Image: Vagcom XL1

Volkswagen has unveiled the limited edition production version of its diesel/electric hybrid coupe, the XL1. Delivering a staggering 314mpg – that’s official – the XL1 also gives a limited top speed of 100mph, 0 – 62 in 12.7 seconds and CO2 emissions of only 21g/km.
Reports suggest that initially only 250 of this limited edition version will be built, with the UK possibly receiving just 50 left hand drive examples of the plug in two seater hybrid coupe, it is also going to be expensive but so far VW are being rather coy about the price.

Constructed of lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium the XL1 weighs a mere 795kg, with extremely thin tyres and gull wings its futuristic looks are also functional as it is the most aerodynamic production car in the world. The 800cc 47bhp twin cylinder engine is supplemented by a 27bhp electric motor which can be either charged via regenerative braking, the diesel engine or by simply plugging it in to a domestic mains socket, recharging with the plugging it in option only takes an hour. Cameras and screens are deployed in the place of the rear window and door mirrors and because the car is so narrow the passenger seat sits slightly staggered behind the driver seat to allow for shoulder room.

There is no doubt that this car is a thing of beauty and with its economy and eco credentials it appears to have no negative points at all, let’s hope that VW will be able to mass produce a version to suit the pockets of everyone.

Special thanks to pelleste for providing the image.