Tyre Label EU Regulation

Image VAGCOM Tyres

From 1 November 2012 an EU regulation regarding tyre labels came into force; this affects the complete supply chain, from manufacturer through to retailer and it is designed to provide clear and easy to understand information on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise to the

The new labels use a format similar to those found on electrical goods with rankings scaled from A to G, the rank of A being the best. The aim of the label is to allow the consumer to make an informed decision regarding the performance of tyres, including fuel efficiency, rolling noise and braking in the wet. The ranking enables “at a glance” comparison between brands, the EU hope it will increase road safety and make buying tyres easier and more cost effective.

Although this regulation came into force in November 2012, this reporter has found that some tyre retailers in the UK do not appear to know very much about it at all. I contacted several well known tyre retailers by telephone and visited two different, very well known retailers in different cities to ask advice about buying new tyres. In all cases I was given incorrect and conflicting information and one member of staff even gave advice different to that offered in their own tyre labelling leaflet displayed on the retail customer counter.

Image: EU Tyre Label Vagcom-obd