PotHoles - VAGCOM

A combination of heavy rain, floods and icy weather plus cost cutting councils neglecting road maintenance has resulted in our road network crumbling and our vehicles suffering damage from potholes.

Millions of pounds have been paid in compensation in the past two years alone, an enormous amount considering that most compensation claims are turned down. One in eight motorists have suffered damage to their vehicles, with steering and suspension damage, ruined wheels and punctured tyres being the most common complaints.

Most drivers feel the surfaces of our roads are worse today than they were five years ago, Peter Horton, managing director of Britannia Rescue, said: ‘The past two harsh winters caused significant damage to the UK’s roads, which has not been fully repaired yet. Cuts in road maintenance funding mean that local authorities face very difficult choices on the roads they prioritise for repair. Motorists should protect themselves by keeping an eye out for potholes and keeping speeds down, particularly in wet weather when holes may be filled by rain.’

It is always a good idea to report a pothole to the council, even if you don’t intend to make a claim, your actions could prevent an accident or another motorist suffering damage to their vehicle. Your local council website will have details on how you can report a pothole or go to https://www.gov.uk/report-pothole.