Diesel vs Hybrid

Image: GOLF Hybrid or Diesel

Fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly are the auto industry buzz words of today, with the economy still in the doldrums and many of us struggling to make ends meet, a more economical vehicle is very desirable indeed – and if it can help the planet a little then so much the better.
So do we choose modern diesel or hybrid?

Diesel engines have been tried and tested for many, many years and they are no longer the noisily chugging, black smoke belching, polluting machines of days past. In fact some diesel engines run so quietly and smoothly that you wouldn’t even realise it was a diesel car! Diesel engines can just keep going on and on, usually reaching much higher mileage than their petrol counterparts, and with greater fuel efficiency too – although it should be remembered that diesel is often more expensive at the pumps.

The hybrid vehicle, offering a seamless combination of petrol (or more recently diesel) engine and electric motor are a relatively new option. Quiet and clean, the hybrid has the green credentials many of us seek and there are also discounts available for road tax and congestion charging to be taken into account too.

We prefer the latest diesel cars over hybrids, well – for the time being anyway. For us the superior power and performance is just too much to sacrifice and some diesels can even outdo hybrids for fuel efficiency! We also like the amount of choice there is out there, which is something sadly lacking right now in the hybrid market, and the comparably cheaper initial purchase cost.

The emerging hybrid technology is improving rapidly, the introduction of the diesel hybrid is just one example, and therefore we really don’t think it will be too long before the decision will be hybrid over diesel.

Special thanks to jiazi for providing the image.