Auto Safety Tech

Image: Vagcom warning light

The latest innovations in auto industry technology are truly exciting and are sure to revolutionise safety systems and the way we drive our vehicles.

Driving on our overcrowded roads can sometimes seem like negotiating an obstacle course with hazards and potential accidents waiting around every corner, imagine how reassuring it would be if you knew that your vehicle was as vigilant as you were and could even steer or brake automatically to avoid a collision? Completely autonomous vehicles may already be in the process of being tested on our roads but it will be some time before we can fully relinquish responsibility and, for the time being at least, technology can give us the edge when a difficult situation arises.

Radar and optical sensors give us pedestrian and collision detection with audible and visual warnings, some systems even apply the brakes to slow or stop the vehicle, driver fatigue and lane departure can also be detected and an alarm sounded. Some car marques are developing an air bag safety system to be deployed externally, in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. Parking problems are a thing of the past in the latest vehicles, just pull up next to an available space and your car will park itself neatly and safely for you.

Critics of these new technologies say that we are in danger of creating a new type of inferior, lazy driver, that it raises insurance issues and that vehicles will become too expensive and complicated for those who are not tech savvy.

Existing safety systems such as seat belts and anti locking braking systems (ABS) have saved many, many lives and any new technology that can save more should be fully and wholeheartedly embraced.