Advancing Through Technology – What Audi Will Offer in 2013

Audi Logo 2013

Automotive technology has become one of the prime areas of focus in recent times for all major car makers. The threat of climate change and depleting natural resources have put up quite a challenge for car companies, and their research teams in particular, to come up with solutions to tackle this problem head on. Engines need to be more efficient while being as powerful as they are expected to be. One of the foremost names in pushing the envelope has been Audi.

For the 2013 model year, one of the most anticipated launches was the new Audi A3. Yes, it was designed to look contemporary and incorporate all the styling details which people have grown accustomed to seeing on all of Audi’s newer models. Those of course are the LED daytime running lights, apart from advanced turbocharged direct injection petrol and diesel engines which push the boundaries of fuel economy even with everyday use.

Audi’s TFSi petrol and TDi diesel engines have widely been acknowledged as some of the finest in the automobile world and with the technology being scaled across all engine sizes; people have begun to expect more from Audi and their cars and Audi are not one to disappoint.

Audi had unveiled some interesting concepts in the past like the R8 V12 TDi Le Mans and the e-tron quattro. While the technology isn’t yet mainstream, Audi have, with much success, used it at Le Mans in their R18 e-tron quattro 24 hour racing car. Development is indeed in full swing and, as Audi had announced at the launch of the new A3, diesel electric hybrid drivelines and full electric cars may not be too far away.

The new 1.6L TDi diesel in the new A3 is one of the most efficient engines Audi has ever created. With 105 hp, 74 mpg and CO2 emissions under 100 g/km; it certainly is a car that deserves a thorough second look by those looking for a sensible family car. There’s also the 1.4L TFSi petrol with cylinder deactivation technology which will give engaging petrol performance when needed, with increased fuel economy when cruising. Audi had also made their intentions to launch an A3 plug-in hybrid model in the near future and the e-tron quattro program will contribute to the development in no small measure.

Audi’s transmissions have been evolving as well. The 6-speed manual is optimised in the new cars and the 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission has delivered not just on the fuel efficiency front, but also on the performance front with acceleration figures at times better than their manual transmission equipped counterparts.

Audi’s multimedia technology takes a massive leap forward with advanced in-car systems featuring the latest processing power and management systems. These will vastly improve user experience by being not just more intuitive, but also far more reliable.

As far as construction technology goes, the A3 is the first of many models to feature lightweight chassis construction with Audi’s trademark Aluminium Spaceframe. Low weight is key to better efficiency and Audi is working hard to find the perfect balance between lightweight performance and uncompromised occupant safety. As far as safety goes, Audi have already developed full LED technology and will offer even more advanced safety technology like adaptive cruise control, collision mitigating automatic braking to prevent low speed incidents as well as an improved blind spot information system together with vision-enhancing cameras and parking assist features across all models, rather than just the expensive models at the top.

So 2013 looks set to be a good year for Audi UK. New models of the A3, upgraded A4 and A5 models as well as the all-new performance highlight, the new RS6 all set to make their presence felt next year.